Baba sleeze taken to court

Even as the sleaze case against Paramahamsa Nithyananda awaits the Tamil Nadu police chief’s nod to be transferred to Karnataka, a petition was filed before the high court of Karnataka seeking restraint order on television channels from airing the raunchy clippings.

Sources in the Tamil Nadu police said the case would be transferred to Karnataka only if director general of police Letika Saran rejoined duty on Wednesday. She had gone to visit her native state, Kerala.

Chennai police commissioner T Rajendran had on Monday said that the case, registered based on a complaint by former Nithyananda devotee Karuppa Lenin, would be transferred to Karnataka, as all offences alleged in the petition happened at Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam in Bidadi.

Lenin had accused Nithyananda of “misbehaving” with “beautiful” women and “forcing” them into performing sexual acts with him.
Meanwhile, in Karnataka, advocate and former president of the advocates’ association KN Subba Reddy, in his petition filed before the high court, named the chief secretary, police commissioner and the association of Broadcasting Company Private Limited as respondents.

Reddy contested that TV channels depicted illegal and immoral clips of Nithayananda with a woman, which had shocked everyone believing in the sanyasi dharma. Reddy named the woman as Ranjitha in the petition.

Children and teenagers, who had watched the repeated telecast of visuals, were misled into believing wrong things, the petitioner said, adding that the visuals had embarrassed viewers.
In a related development, the Nithyananda Dhyanapeetamsought advice to initiate legal action against Lenin, who claimed responsibility for taping the swami’s acts.

Following the sex scandal, the ashram was likely to postpone the Mahakumbabhishekam, originally scheduled for March 21, according to Sri Nithya Pranananda, a senior executive of the ashram.


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