Ram dev baba Political ambition ?

The other day, yoga guru Baba Ramdev held interactive sessions with the judges of the Punjab and Haryana High Court and policemen of the 82nd battalion of the Punjab Armed Police ( PAP).

While making his intentions of taking a political leap clear, Baba Ramdev told the audience that he was keeping the name of the political party under wraps. “ You will get to know about it at the right time,” he said.

During the sessions, Ramdev stressed that he intended to make the nation healthy — free of illness and corruption.

He urged the judges and policemen to carry out their duties honestly. The function at the high court was organised by the Punjab and Haryana High Court Bar Association while Kunwar Vijay Pratap, commandant, 82nd battalion, took the initiative for the policemen’s interactive session with the yoga guru. Kunwar — credited with jail reforms in Punjab and busting a kidney racket a few years ago — says he wants his men to stay healthy and fit.


4 thoughts on “Ram dev baba Political ambition ?

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  3. He’s not doing it out of ambition, but as a responsibility to the nation as current political class has failed in doing their duty. He’ll not fight election for himself or hold any post. He’ll be like Chankya.

  4. Ramdev baba should involve in indian politics and he should show the right path to the leaders to eliminate the real disease.

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