Andhra leader Diwakar Reddy changes direction!

FORMER MINISTER and senior Congress leader J.C. Diwakar Reddy has changed his stand with regard to united Andhra Pradesh. Now the leader wants Rayala (Rayalaseema) Telangana. He fears to be with Coastal Andhra Pradesh if the state is divided after Sri Krishna Committee report.
Soon after the statement of Home Minister Chidambaram regarding Telangana on November 9, 2009, some of the Rayalaseema leaders had shown their disinterest to be with Coastal Andhra Pradesh, if it was bifurcated. Though their initial intention was to be with Telangana, they demanded Greater Rayalaseema with the Coastal districts Nellore and Prakasam. Now some of them desire to be with Telangana as it would be more beneficial and geographically suitable.

In fact the same Diwakar Reddy has stated, since Telangana agitation started, that his own district Anantapur should be merged with Karnataka, if the state is divided.
After the statement of Botsa Satyanarayana (North Andhra), who wanted a division of state, had given a moral boost to Telangana leaders to some extent, Diwakar Reddy’s statement is giving more confidence to Telangana leaders that Unified Andhra agitation would become weak. Moreover Telangana leaders were already saying that all they want the state is to be divided and therefore their agitation for separation is right.
Lagadapati Rajagopal, MP of Vijayawada has been doing his own work to keep Andhra Pradesh unified. He had submitted one more set of papers citing the history of Telugus to Sri Krishna Committee. Earlier he had submitted 200 pages of statement to the committee twice.

Seeing all this, there seems to be no unity among the Andhra-Rayalaseema leaders to continue or argue in favor of a Unified AP state.


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