IPL Live on Youtube

Indian Premier League is one of the most talked about topic around India in these days. IPL 20 20 or IPLT20 is the BCCI owned cricket league tournament. The IPL Matches will be broadcasted first time live from the Youtube website. IPL is having official channel for the  live streaming matches on the youtube and this times in IPL Season three / 3 live matches of IPL will be broad-casted  for the fans of cricket / IPL Fans. Though the matches will be 5 minutes in delay as the TV rights have been sold to sometv channel. The IPL will start soon and continue for next 45 days with total of 60 matches in the IPL T 20. IPL Schedule of matches or matches among the teams of IPL is given on the website of IPL which is ww.iplt20.com IPL Live streaming on youtube is really a great news for the IndianCricket fans or Cricket fans around the world who will be able to watch the matches for their favorite teams or favorite players.

IPL Season or IPL favor time has started in India. Cricketing fan can send their orkut IPL scraps to their friends in the Orkut social network.  The below given website has launched the IPL Scraps 2010, IPL Cricket Scraps, IPL Orkut Scraps for the Orkut Fans and IPL Cricket fans in India or around the world.


Visit youtube for the ipl live matches:


visit the IPL T 20 official website of BCCI:



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