Google Launches Google Reader Player

On Wednesday the search giant released an experimental Web browsing tool known as Google Reader Player. With the help of it users are able to browse content connected with a Google Reader new feed. It is considered to be a content aggregator which is based on Web.

It collects RSS news feeds for online as well as offline reading. In case you want to take advantage of Google Reader, it necessary to have a Google Reader account.

Google Reader Play includes a range of popular videos, blog posts and photos that are based on Google Reader’s Recommended Items feature. All these items will be shown to a user as a visual slideshow that looks like Google’s visual newsreader Google Fast Flip. One should say that Play is based on a filmstrip navigation bar which is located at the bottom of the screen.

If you want to use Play, there is no need to sigh up. In case you have a Google account, but you do not use Google Reader, the Play stream will be more personalized.

If you want to try out Play, you can do that with the help of two ways. You can visit or you can select ‘View in Reader Play’ which you are able to find in the feed settings menu of Google Reader.

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