It was an experiment: Swami Nithyananda

Bangalore, Mar 13: In the second interview with his disciple Rajiv Malhotra, Swami Nithyananda spoke on the sex scandal involving him and a Tamil actress Ranjitha.

Almost ten days after the video showing the godman in a compromising position with the actress hit the media, Nithyananda for the first time made a direct reference to it on Friday, Mar 12 in his third online appearance.
Making a shocking statement, the Swamiji said that he was only ‘experimenting’ and promised that in the future he would refrain from experimenting with anything that was unacceptable to the society.

He said that he has also learnt a lot from the controversy.

“In 33 years of my life, I have seen two extremes. From being the most watched guru on YouTube to the most watched scandal on YouTube.

“In a way, even this abuse, defamation and attack have taught me lot of lessons about society, life and humanity, which I had never thought of and never looked into. This has made me more responsible. Now I have decided that I am not going to experiment anything which is not widely accepted by the society,” he told Malhotra, a Princeton-based researcher.

This is Nithyananda’s third appearance online. While the videos of the his two interviews with Malhotra are available online on Youtube, the video of spiritual guru’s first appearance after the sex scandal came out in the open was posted on his Dhyanapeetam mission webiste.

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One thought on “It was an experiment: Swami Nithyananda

  1. Nithyananda says he was having sexual experiments with his chosen female companions . What a travesty and perversion. In all religions including Hinduism, incest is an immoral sex activity, but some people get involved in it. Some people who are both victims and perpetrators of incest may seek the guidance, advice and teachings of Nithyananda on how to kill this animal lust in incest sex between a sister and brother, between the nephew and ones own mother’s younger sister etc. Would our fraud man Nithyananda say then that he has to get involved in incest sex with his blood relations in order to do the experiment on the effects of incest before advising his devotees on how to control their animal sex lust and prevent incest? This is absolutely ridiculous. Who is our Swamiji trying to fool? You can not fool all the peoples all the times, dear Swamiji. Accept your guilt and get married and quit your Swami business

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