‘Hyd a major health tourism hub’

HYDERABAD: Hyderabad is becoming one of the best health tourism hubs in India as a number of foreign patients are preferring to get treatment in the city hospitals as they provide all health care facilities at lower prices, Chief Minister K Rosaiah has said.

Unveiling a bold new Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) prevention initiative, called ‘Healthy Hearts’ project at the national-level Prevent India- 2010 conference, which is being organised by the Medwin Hearts Foundation here today, Rosaiah said that the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimateed that as many as 60 per cent cardiac patients in the world would be in India by 2010. About 68 million people were estimated to have coronary heart disease in India by 2016.

“Hyderabad has become one of the major health tourism hubs in India as a number of hospitals are providing services at affordable costs.

Hundreds of foreigners are showing interest to obtain better health care treatment in Hyderabad hospitals which employ the latest technology and have modern facilities,’’ he noted. Explaining about the Healthy Heart project, Dr Ramesh Babu Byrapaneni, president of Medwin Heart Foundation, said that the programme was aimed to assist policy-makers and health care professionals in emerging countries to establish their priorities and short-term goals for cardio vascular disease (CVD) prevention and screening and introducing implementation of different guidelines in these fields that would help minimise the impact of coronary artery disease (CAD) in society.

“Coronary heart disease and high blood pressure have increased manifold over the past few decades. Of all the killers in the world, cardiovascular disease is the champion, responsible for 17.1 million deaths globally in 2004 and estimated to account for 23.6 million deaths by 2030,’’ he added.

Kavuri Sambasiva Rao, MP, said that the conference was dedicated to building awareness about cardiovascular health with a focus on disease-prevention.

“Experts in cardio vascular disease treatment, public health, nutrition and physical activity should discuss the current scenario and projections in cardiovascular health, and to deliberate on ways with a focus on high-priority areas to make rapid strides in health promotion and disease prevention,’’ he felt.

Health Minister Danam Nagender, Indian Institute of Public Health director Dr Mala Rao, Information Technology (IT) AP chairman Narasimha Rao and several medical professionals participated


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