It’s a fake encounter, alleges Vara Vara Rao

The killing of Maoist State committee member Sakhamuri Appa Rao has raised many doubts among the villagers as a majority of them believe that it was a fake encounter.

Over 200 Lambada families who reside in Nerajamulatanda, four km away from the encounter site – Nertikonda were not aware of the encounter as they did not hear sounds of firing or saw large posse of policemen.

The village is situated between Yerragondapalem and Macherla. The villagers suspect that the Maoist leader was shot dead at point blank as a bullet injury is seen on the forehead. It is suspected that the police party might have brought Sakhamuri to Nertikonda and shot him dead.

Meanwhile Revolutionary writer Vara Vara Rao, who visited the encounter site, alleged that it was a fake encounter and the Government is trying to divert the Telangana issue through fake encounters.

He said Sakhamuri was picked up while he was returning from Vellore hospital after treatment. He said when Sakhamuri was travelling in a bus from Tirupati to Kalahasti special investigation team picked him up and interrogated him at an unkonwn place. Later they brought him to Nertikonda and shot him dead.

He demanded the Government to register murder cases on the police officials concerned as per the ruling given by the then Chief Justice of High Court Prabha Sankar Mishra on encounters.

He said the Green Hunt was nothing but the Government’s conspiracy to hand over mineral-rich agency region to multinational companies. As part of it they are killing Maoists top cadre to prevent protests from tribals.
Another revolutionary writer Kalyan Rao alleged that the encounter was nothing but a blatant killing by the police. He demanded an inquiry by a High Court judge into the encounter.

Sakhamuri’s brothers Sambasiva Rao and Gandhi came to Markapuram Government hospital where the post-mortem of the Maoist leader was conducted.
Initially, they refused to take the body as an APCLC leader filed a writ petition in the High Court seeking re-postmortem of the body. But when they learnt that the High Court had dismissed the plea, they took the body and left for Warangal.

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