Sex Spark fly as BABA and Swamy Fight

India today conclaven took a new turn and became a hot topic as two sex gurus from two different schools of thought took to sex.A session on sex and spirituality, featuring a celibate guru and an advocate of free sex, was bound to cause verbal pyrotechnics.

And true to expectations, the opening session of the second day of the India Today Conclave 2010 did arouse the right degree of passion.

What one didn’t bargain for, though, was a consensus ( albeit an uneasy one) between two gurus belonging to the opposite ends of the spiritual spectrum.

One was Baba Ramdev, the hugely popular telly evangelist, founder of the Patanjali Yogpeeth Trust, Haridwar, and the man who has made kapalbhati an international obsession.

The other was Swami Satya Vedant, chancellor of Osho Multiversity, Pune, who is carrying forward the legacy of his teacher, whose most famous — and least misunderstood — book is titled From Sex to Superconsciousness . India Today Group editorial director Prabhu Chawla, famous for his Seedhi Baat , moderated the session.

Ramdev played to the gallery and spoke of sex — he preferred to use the word kama — as a “ creative urge”. But the urge, he said, must transcend to a spiritual level.

“ Kama ki ek paridhi, ek maryada hai. Vaasna upasana mein badalni chahiye ( Sex has a definition and its limitations. Desire must transform into spirituality),” declared the guru, who had the audience lapping up every word of his.

Sex outside marriage, he cautioned, would have serious repercussions.

“ Do you want 12- year- old girls to get pregnant? Do you want the prevalence of HIV? Do you want a society where children would need DNA tests to determine their paternity?” he asked.

Sex must be practised within the confines of marriage and between the age of 25 and 75, after which one must turn their thoughts to achieving moksha . Swami Vedant prefaced his views on the link between sex and spirituality by saying both were part of a continuum.

“ Sex is given to us, it is not manufactured by us. Spirituality is a state of freedom and liberation.

The same state of freedom can be achieved by us, if we apply meditation with sex,” he said.

He went on to speak about Osho’s view on the need to transcend sex and not condemn it.

One thought on “Sex Spark fly as BABA and Swamy Fight

  1. The homeopaths and vaidyas who practice alternative medicene usually have big photos of their maharaj in their clinic.

    I fear that when I pay them to cure my illness i am in some way helping their maharaj in torturing innocent people.

    So I will be prohibiting the visit to such doctors in order to prevent the exploitation of innocent people.

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