10 cr. kidney operation with robot operates

Robot-OperatesA non-profit 170-bed charitable hospital run by the Muljibhai Patel Society for Research in Nephro-Urology, The Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital, commonly known as Nadiad Kidney Hospital, is on the verge to purchase the Rs. 10 crore da Vinci robot. It is a four-armed US-made robot, which has been designed to operate intricate prostate and kidney surgeries.

This robotic device not only increases the efficiency level, but also halves the post operation recovery time. It is basically a computer assisted surgery where a doctor merely sits at a remote place and performs live surgery. It can aid in performing several operations at the same go. The best part of this surgery is that it minimizes the surgical incisions to a significant level such that the patient is up on its feet in 10 days.

However, this operation would be a pricey procedure, which may cost nearly 25 times the normal rates for a urological surgery. The hospital now plans to expand the services of the robot to other surgical fields apart from urology, like pediatrics, gynecology and oncology to make the service cost-effective.

Mahesh Desai, Managing Trustee and Chairman, Department of Urology at the Nadiad Kidney Hospital said, “We already conduct uro-oncological pediatric urological surgeries, we can now think of offering the service to some gynecological clinics, or can start a uro-gynecology department ourselves”.


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