Man to get brain-dead daughter’s kidneys


A view of Government General Hospital, Chennai

The kidneys of a five-year-old traffic accident victim are to be harvested and transplanted in her father.

According to the Government General Hospital authorities, Janani was injured in a road accident involving a two-wheeler in Chittoor on Tuesday morning. She was rushed to the CMC, Vellore from where she was shifted to the hospital here as her condition worsened.

Janani, who was brought to the GH around 4 a.m. on Wednesday, was declared brain-dead after the first mandatory investigation around noon.

However, the hospital will perform the second mandatory test to certify brain death around midnight and only by Thursday morning will the authorities take up the harvesting procedures. The hospital decided to wait until midnight to conduct the second battery of tests as the patient was a child, hospital authorities said.

Though Janani’s father is not registered or in the priority list of persons requiring kidney transplant at the GH, the hospital granted the request of the family considering the circumstances, the hospital Dean J. Mohanasundaram said.


“It is an unfortunate event. Since the child was providing the kidneys to her father, we agreed,” he said. As of now, since the donor is a child and the recipient is an adult, both kidneys would be given to the father, he added.

The hospital is also trying to find recipients for her heart and liver in Chennai and Bangalore. It has been proposed to send the corneas to the Government Eye Hospital in Egmore.

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