Srikrishna panel to stick to time-frame

Former Supreme Court Judge Justice B.N. Srikrishna, heading the five-member committee, to go into the demands of “separate Telangana” and “united Andhra Pradesh”, has said that the situation in Andhra Pradesh had cooled down considerably after the committee began its proceedings. He ruled out seeking extension of time for completion of the job.

“As I said earlier, we will stick to the time-frame and complete the work and submit the report to the government by December this year. I will not ask for extension,” Justice Srikrishna told from Mumbai over phone ahead of the committee’s next meeting in New Delhi on Thursday.

He said some groups and parties were seeking extension of time for filing their views and the request would be considered during its meeting. On February 20, the committee issued a notification in newspapers inviting suggestions/views from the political parties, social organisations and other stakeholders.

To a question, Justice Srikrishna said he was satisfied with the progress of the proceedings as the committee was getting good response and cooperation from various stakeholders, except some hardliners. While the committee would visit some important places in the State and collect information, the sub-committees consisting of experts would gather various inputs from different areas of the State and everything would be correlated while finalising the report, he said.

Member-Secretary V.K. Duggal told that the committee had so far received as many as 11,000 petitions from political parties, various stakeholders, groups, intellectuals and the general public. While most of the views were crisp either for or against separate Telangana, there were some petitions which were comprehensive with background, statistics, history etc. The committee even received some emails from abroad.

He said five consultants would be appointed next week to segregate the petitions and prepare notes on them with comprehensive details on the subject. One consultant was already on the job. The personal hearings of the committee with the petitioners and others, if need be, would be held later after the petitions and letters were segregated and points taken from them, he said.

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