18,622 police posts in Ahmedabad unmanned

Gandhinagar: Leader of opposition in the Gujarat assembly, Shaktisinh Gohil, on Thursday alleged that there is a deliberate move by the state government to keep the police force weak.

Reacting to the demands of the state home department, Gohil said that Gujarat should have a strong and efficient police system as it is a border state.

“It is unfortunate that millions are spent to make CM’s security impregnable while 5.5 crore people of Gujarat are left to fend for themselves. As of March 2009, 18,622 posts in police department were vacant,” he said.

He said no arrangements are made in the chowkies on the border. The Central government had allocated huge funds, but the state government delayed its annual plan and the money could not be utilised, he said.

“There is not even a single bullet available for INSAS rifle and there is shortage of 17 to 100 per cent in ammunition for different arms.” Gohil said, “The CM wishes that terrorists should come to Gujarat so that his vote bank becomes strong and he can promote his politics of terrorism. Akshardham was not provided security cover and so terrorists had struck. The murder of Haren Pandya did not move the government.

“Soon after the chief minister in his public speeches challenged terrorists to come, there were serial blasts in Ahmedabad. And this gave fresh lease of life to the chief minister’s politics of terrorism.” He reminded the government that terrorists had taken boat from Porbandar in Gujarat for striking in Mumbai.

However, rejecting Gohil’s claims, minister of state for home, Amit Shah, said: “Compared to the time of the Congress rule, the population has increased by 37% but the crime rate has gone down in the state.

The percentage of attempt to murder has gone down by 40%, incidence of loot has decreased by 26% and incidence of housebreak has gone down by 18%. According the data of National Crime Records Bureau, the crime rate is lowest in Gujarat in the whole country.”

Shah told the House that the process of recruiting 13,149 jawans in police was over and the recruitment of 14,000 jawans more was in process.


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