AP defends use of Greyhounds to quell Telangana violence

New Delhi, March 19: The Andhra Pradesh government today defended in the Supreme Court its controversial decision to deploy elite anti-Naxatite squad “Greyhounds” to quell the volatile Telangana agitation in Hyderabad’s Osmania University campus.

The state said the anti-Naxalite force is deployed not only for tackling the Left wing extremism but also to assist other law and order enforcing agencies at times of exigencies but without using the sophisticated anti-gureilla warfare equipments.

The state took the stance in an affidavit in response to the apex court’s direction to explain how and why the “Greyhounds” were deployed to quell the students’ unrest and whether such force is used for combating political rallies and movements.

“Though the Greyhounds personnel are deployed primarily on anti-Naxal duties, they are also occasionally deployed on general law and order duties whenever mammoth events take place.

“Greyhounds teams are equipped with sophisticated fire arms when deployed on anti-Naxal duties while they are provided with only riot gear when deployed on general law and order/crowd management,” the state said.

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