Vijayashanti ask Chiranjeevi to quit

Hyderabad, March 19: It’s a cine story that went awry. Former Tollywood actor Vijayashanti now a TRS Lok Sabha MP asked Chiranjeevi, opposite whom she has acted in many hit films, to buzz off from Hyderabad and shift to the Andhra region.

“Chiranjeevi is opposing the creation of Telangana, he has no moral right to stay in Hyderabad. If he visits this region in future, he will face the ire of the Telangana people,” Vijayshanti nicknamed ‘Lady Amitabh’ during her acting days ranted at a press conference.

The latest cause for the ire: Chiranjeevi and his Prajarajyam party opposed the resolution passed in the state assembly on Thursday seeking to make Hyderabad a “part of the sixth zone” for police transfers and appointments.

The resolution came up because the Supreme Court had early this week hearing a case on the matter declared that Hyderabad was a free zone. This means anyone from the state can get employment here for the positions under contention and people from other regions working here could continue doing so.

The Chiranjeevi family which is not only into acting but also into film production has had a run-in with the TRS on the Telangana issue for long and supporters of the regional party disrupting the shooting and screening of films starring Allu Arjun, son of Chiranjeevi’s brother-in-law and PRP leader Allu Arvind.

The TRS had also undertaken a campaign in the region against the sale of a soft drink which is being endorsed by Chiranjeevi’s son Ram Charan Teja. Chiranjeevi’s Prajarajyam is the only political party to take a clear stand against creation of Telangana.


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