Students are Inter invigilators

It seems that the Board of Intermediate Education (BIE) has not learnt anything from Saturday’s fiasco of leaked question papers in Nellore.
Faced by an acute shortage of junior lecturers, it has now deputed hundreds of untrained students from universities and degree colleges to act as invigilators.
Though BIE officials say that the shortage is due to the clashing of dates with SSC exams which are scheduled to begin from Monday, the move hasn’t gone down well with students as well as lecturers.
While students fear that the “ill-trained invigilators” may have problems during bar-coding their answer sheets, the government lecturers’ associations feel that the appointment of students as invigilators might complicate matters if any untoward incidents occur because of “hasty decision” of the officials.
“Instead of appointing students, the Board should have insisted on faculty from private colleges. What action can it take against students in case of any irregularities?” asked the general secretary of the AP Government Junior Lecturers Association, Mr Madhusudhan Reddy.
However, the BIE secretary, Mr G. Balaramaiah said, “There will not be any problem as student invigilators will be guided by the chief superintendents and departmental officers.”


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