Water crisis looms large on city

Hyderabad: Denizens are in for a tough time this summer in view of depleting ground water table in different parts of Greater Hyderabad.

For the city folk already struggling with irregular drinking water supply by the Hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board, worse seems to be in store in the next three to four months as water levels in Singur, Manjeera, Osmansagar and Himayathsagar reservoirs are dwindling with each passing day.

On the other hand, with temperature soaring to 35-40 degrees, the ground water levels have gradually depleted to more than 1.7 metres below the ground level.

The Andhra Pradesh Ground Water Department officials have taken up a comprehensive survey to collect ground water level shortage percentage.

N Srinivas, Assistant Director, AP Ground Water Department, told Expresso that according to the survey report released in the first week of March the present ground water levels in the city and Ranga Reddy districts are at least 1.7 metres below ground level (BGL), which comes to around 5.5 feet, due to lack of normal rainfall.

“Shortage is likely to increase with rising temperature in near future and it may lead to severe drinking water crisis,” he predicted.

There is at least 20 percent deficit rainfall in the twin cities and neighboring Ranga Reddy district, which, according to officials, is the main reason for a fall in ground water level.

“The problem will continue in the twin cities till next monsoon. We are expecting early monsoon and rainfall, which will help in recharging the ground water table,’’ Srinivas hoped.

The department had also completed area-wise survey and reports are likely to come out within two days, he said.

Meanwhile, suburbs such as Jeedimetla, Kapra, Rajendranagar, Alwal, Shamshabad, Patancheru, Gachibowli and Shamirpet are already in the grip of a severe drinking water scarcity due to lack of supply. HMWS&SB officials said they would press at least 300 additional water tankers to reduce the shortage.

The board draws 120 mgd from Manjeera (75 mgd from phase II and IV of Singur), 180 mgd from Krishna Phase I and II, 20 mgd from Osmansagar and 12 mgd from Himayatsagar.

The Board is currently supplying 250 million gallons of water in the city, which is the highest quantity ever supplied at this time of the year.

The board has geared up to meet crisis this summer by arranging 1,000 tankers besides keeping another 1,500 tankers available for the dial-a-tanker service.

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