Eight dead as bus falls into Kerala river, toll likely to go up

At least eight persons, including two women, drowned and more are feared trapped as a private bus with around 40 passengers fell into a river near Kottayam on Tuesday.

Rescuers from the Meenachil River at Thazhathangadi have fished out eight bodies while efforts were on to lift the bus from the water, police said.

Naval divers from Kochi have joined the rescue operations.

At least 19 persons, who either swam to safety or were rescued, are under treatment in various hospitals. Their condition was stated to be out of danger, police said.

The exact toll would be known only when the bus, portion of which got stuck in the muddy riverbed, is lifted out.

The bus coming to Kottayam from Cherthala first hit an electric post and plunged head on into the deep river.

Four of the deceased had been identified; hospital sources said adding the conductor of the bus was among the dead.

Rajan, a survivor, said the vehicle was travelling at normal speed along the narrow road. It hit the electric post, went out of control and fell into the river.

“I cannot say how I escaped, except that it was due to grace of God,” said Rajan, who managed to come out through the backdoor as he was sitting in the rear seat.

He put the number of passengers in the bus at the time of the mishap at 35 to 40.

Kerala Home Minister Kodiyeri Balakrishnan said entire official machinery had been geared up for rescue work. Ministers of Transport, Health and Public Works rushed to the spot on hearing the news.


Course for jobless youth

Hyderabad: Osmania University is organising “Entrepreneurship Development Programme” for the unemployed graduates who passed degree, post-graduates in diploma, engineering, medicine, pharmacy, management, etc. from March 29 at the Entrepreneurship Development Cell in the campus.

The duration of course is four weeks. Those interested can call telephone nos. 2707 2427 and 99857 94338.

APPSC announces exam schedule

HYDERABAD: The Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission on Monday announced the written examination schedule for the recruitment of junior lecturers in government junior colleges, Group I preliminary, Group IV service for hostel welfare officers and Group IV service junior assistants and supervisors/matrons.

The dates of the examinations are July 4, 25, August 8 and October 3 respectively, a press release issued by the Andhra Pradesh Public Service Commission secretary stated here.

Polluted water kills more people than war: UN

A rag picker collecting waste polythenes from polluted waters of Yamuna River in New Delhi. Polluted water is a major health hazard to millions.

Polluted drinking water claim more lives than all forms of violence, including war, a UN report has said, highlighting the need for clean water.

The report, released on the occasion of World Water Day by the UN Environment Programme (UNEP) on Monday, said one child under the age of five dies every 20 seconds from water-related diseases.

According to the report titled ‘Sick Water’, the sheer scale of dirty water means more people now die from contaminated and polluted water than from all forms of violence including wars.

“These deaths are an affront to our common humanity, and undermine the efforts of many countries to achieve their development potential,” UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in his message marking Word Water Day.

“Day after day, we pour millions of tons of untreated sewage and industrial and agricultural wastes into the world’s water systems. And the poor continue to suffer first and most from pollution, water shortages and the lack of adequate sanitation.”

The report said that some two million tons of waste is being discharged daily into rivers and seas causing the spread of disease and damage of ecosystems.

The report has described wastewater as a “cocktail of fertilizer run-off and sewage disposal alongside animal, industrial, agricultural and other wastes”.

“If the world is to thrive, let alone to survive on a planet of six billion people heading to over nine billion by 2050, we need to get collectively smarter and more intelligent about how we manage waste including waste waters,” said Achim Steiner, the head of the UNEP.

“The facts and figures are stark – pollution from wastewater is quite literally killing people, indeed at least 1.8 million children die annually as a result of contaminated water,” he added.

Notably, the UN has declared 2005-2015 as the International Decade for Action “Water for Life.”

Founder of India’s Maoist rebellion commits suicide: police

A founder member of the radical Maoist insurgency that has plagued large parts of India for 40 years committed suicide on Tuesday in the village where the movement was formed, police said.

Kanu Sanyal, 78, was found hanging in his hut in Naxalbari, 600 kilometres (370 miles) from Kolkata, in the eastern state of West Bengal.

“He committed suicide by hanging himself and we are investigating the case,” senior police officer Surojit Kar Purokaysatha told AFP.

Sanyal and Charu Majumdar established the extreme left-wing peasant uprising in 1967 in Naxalbari — giving Indian Maoist rebels their name “Naxalites”.

The insurgency is now active in 20 out of 28 states with strongholds in a so-called “Red Corridor” stretching across north and eastern India.

India’s government, which sees the Maoist rebels as its biggest internal security threat, has launched offensives against them in recent months but has failed to curb their operations.

At least 900 people died in Maoist attacks in 2009, the highest figure since 1971.

The Maoists have used administrative power vacuums and under-development to establish control over large tracts of land across state boundaries.

In February, the government gave a cautious response to a rebel offer of peace talks, saying the insurgents must first stop their attacks and make a formal proposal.

Can China live without Google?

BEIJING: Google’s decision to withdraw from China showcases a war between the biggest search engine company and the biggest Internet market in the 

world, and questions are being raised in China if they can survive without the giant.

Google’s decision will potentially cut off the country’s 400 million users, the world’s biggest Web audience, but some opinions in the country suggest that the loss may not mean “darkness”, as the western media is putting it.

These opinions also suggest that Google does not “dominate” Chinese people’s lives, and local search engines, including Baidu, can possibly take over in future.

“I’m not sure if Google knows that its arrogance can easily remind the Chinese people of the “big powers” who cracked open China’s door by warships and cannons in the 19th century. The reason those invaders could make the Qing government sign unfair treaties is that they owned advance weapons that China didn’t have,” an opinion piece in China Daily said.

“Google didn’t understand that they had been on the road of the big powers again. The only difference was military weapons in the past and Internet service today,” it added.

The opinions further highlight that “Google has challenged the Chinese government’s sovereignty by demanding the government accept Google’s presumed definition on opening up”, adding that “China has always been in a developing mode that shows no signs of stopping.”

Meanwhile, Ed Burnette, a columnist from adnet.com under the Columbia Broadcasting System Corp (CBS) said it was “a pity and an avoidable mistake” for Google to retreat from China.

He also believes that it is “arrogant thinking to assume that we know what’s best for China, and our values can still work well in that very different culture; and it’s an ignorant idea to believe threats and ultimatums can bring positive results, especially from such proud and sufficient people.”

Produce Nithyananda case documents: HC to police

Bangalore: In a response to the plea filed by scandal-tainted Swami Nithyananda, seeking quashing of the police cases against him, the Karnataka High Court ordered the state police to produce all documents related to the cases

The judge, Arali Nagaraj, also posted the matter for further hearing to Mar 25.

Ramanagaram district police has slapped several charges on the godman after a sex tape showing Nithyananda in compromising position with Tamil actress Ranjitha hit the media on Mar 2, leading to widespread protests and outrage among the followers.

Seeking squashing of all the charges he faces, Swami Nithyananda submitted a writ petition in the High Court contending that he was innocent and that the whole controversy was a conspiracy tailored by his driver Kurup Lenin done to defame him and his ashram.

OneIndia News

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Prabhakaran returns to Jaffna: he’s not dead!

Who said that Velupillai Prabhakaran is dead?

According to a report in TamilNet (Friday 19, March) his voice is still alive and screaming. In fact, his voice was heard again by a small gathering assembled at Veerasingham Hall on Friday. The message in the voice was so familiar they must have been wondering whether Prabhakaran went down in Nandikadal at all.. Leaving no ambiguity in the minds of the Jaffnaites the voice said:

1. I will scrap all the military camps in Jaffna peninsula

2. I will also scrap the High Security Zones

3. I will appoint a commission of inquiry to find out to what happened to missing Tamils under Mahinda Rajapaksa

4. The Sinhalese will have to beg forgiveness of the pain inflicted on the Tamils

5. All paramilitary forces will be disarmed except the forces of the state.

Isn’t that the known voice of Prabhakaran? But due to unavoidable circumstances he couldn’t be there in person. So he sent his loyal alter ego. He sent Ranil Wickremesinghe who repeated his agenda verbatim. He, to all intents and purposes, seems to be very keen on keeping Prabhakaran alive and well. It seems that he likes impersonating Prabhakaran because he has no credible identity of his own.

According to the pictures published in TamilNet Veerasingham Hall was occupied by about 200 – 300 people. That figure speaks loudly and clearly about Wickremesinghe’s appeal to the Jaffnaites. Obviously, he must be a joke to them because he is cutting a ridiculous figure when he pretends to be Prabhakaran. Which sensible Jaffnaite will believe that Wickremesinghe can do what Prabhakaran couldn’t do?

Besides, they must be sick to their back teeth with the big promises made by Prabhakaran. Even the stooges of Prabhakaran in the TNA have jettisoned his big dream of Eelam. But Wickremesinghe is imagining that he can do better than Prabhakaran. To be honest, the drummers in the nagasalam that accompanied him and his wife to the Hall made a bigger impact in Jaffna than all the nasal noises he made in his opportunistic speech.

In any case, the Jaffnaites would have taken all what he said with a pinch of salt because they know that his boasts ( example : CFA) never works. They are mature enough to know that to implement Prabhakaran’s agenda he must first have the power. But they know that his chances of becoming prime minister (forget April 8!) even in 2015 is as great as resurrecting Prabhakaran and make him walk on the waters of Nandikadal..

But this does not deter Wickremesinghe. He goes on like a wound up robot in a one-track route that goes straight to Nandikadal. According to some sociological statistics, the suicidal rate in Jaffna is the highest in Sri Lanka. Wickremesinghe opening his campaign in Jaffna and repeating Prabhakaran’s agenda is another way of keeping the suicide statistics at peak level.

As I said earlier, he has not strategies. He has only stunts. Repeating Prabhakaran’s agenda is his latest stunt. This stunt is to appease one community at the expense of the other without realizing that he can lose both. He says, for instance, that “we” (implying the state/Sinhalese?) must apologize to the “people” (Tamils?). Doesn’t he know that his President, Chandrika Kumaratunga, apologized publicly to the Tamils for acts of commission and omission? So how many more times is the state going to apologize to the Tamils?

Besides, which sole representative of the Tamils has apologized to the crimes committed in their name to the other communities? When Anton Balasingham apologized for the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi his leader, Prabhakaran, distanced himself from it by maintaining a grim silence. In fact, when the crimes against the other communities were pointed out the theoretician Balasingham argued that “collateral damage” was inevitable in any war.

However, he didn’t think that the same argument could be applied to the Sri Lankan forces. In their twisted logic, when war crimes and crimes against humanity are committed in the name of Tamils they are classified as “collateral damage” and when the Sri Lankan forces commit similar acts they are classified as “war crimes and crimes against humanity”.

Wickremesinghe has joined the Tiger lobby pointing the finger at the Sinhala-Buddhists. As for apologizing shouldn’t he give the lead by apologizing for ridiculing and demeaning the forces when they were advancing with self-sacrificing courage to eradicate terrorism so that Wickremesinghe could go to Jaffna and campaign peacefully? Now, if he is a gentleman that some say he is, shouldn’t he publicly apologize to the soldiers who fought on behalf of all communities for them to live in a peaceful and democratic society, however defective it may be?

Without an ounce of shame, he even decided to make the General whom he ridiculed at the height of war as his president in peace time. After the war Wickremesinghe has no qualms in joining hands with the General who had sworn to take the soldiers who fought under his command to an international tribunal. So why isn’t Wickremesinghe asking his would-be president to apologize to the soldiers and the nation for his treacherous betrayal? Or is Wickremesinghe quite content with the General’s performance hoping that he could reap some benefit from it?

Another boast of his goes like this: “Once UNP comes to power our aim will be to restore normalcy of life and prioritizing development of the country and we will strive to achieve these goals.” In the first place, there is a big “IF” right in front of his claim.

Second, did he restore normalcy with his CFA or did he worsen it? He admitted in an interview with a Tamil radio in Europe that he is not responsible for the breakdown of peace but that they should blame Prabhakaran. But that is not what he said when he removed the barriers on the roads and allowed all Tiger terrorists to gain free access to Colombo and other strategic places. He was cocksure of solving the terrorist problem with his futile CFA.

As for prioritizing development the Wijedasa Rajapakse report speaks eloquently about how Ravi Karuanayake & Co prioritized the development of their bank accounts when Wickremesinghe was in power.

Finally, he says that all paramilitary forces will be disarmed except the forces of the state. Didn’t he say that jointly with Prabhkaran in the failed CFA? Of course, he went further. He even pulled up the Navy Commander for attacking an LTTE ship that was threatening territorial integrity and sovereignty of the nation. He never had the guts to pull up Prabhakaran even when he committed the worst crimes against humanity and the nation..

The upshot of all this is that we have Prabhakaran coming back to haunt us again with Wickremesinghe attempting to play the role of Prabhakaran better than Prabhakaran. The moral: we must never assume that Prabhakaran is dead as long as Wickremesinghe is alive.

Two dead in Kolkata building fire – Two persons died

Two persons died and at least 15 people were injured when a fire broke out in a multi-storied building on the upmarket Park Street in the city hub Tuesday, police said. Several people were feared trapped.

Fifteen fire tenders and over a hundred firemen have been rushed to control the blaze, which started within an elevator shaft in the building, police said

The ground floor of this building has the popular restaurant called Peter Cat. The building also houses the iconic confectionery Flury’s.

The fire began at 2.30 pm, at 2.45 pm firemen reached the spot and operation to rescue people from the fifth and sixth floors began at 3 pm and the Rapid Action Force was pressed in to control the crowds at 3.15 pm.

At least 15 people have been admitted to hospital, said Javed Shammim, Joint Commissioner of Police. Shammim said he couldn’t comment on the number of people injured.

Why Hyderabad is a breeding ground for jihad

uring interrogation in Kerala  last week, alleged terrorist T Naseer claimed that Hyderabad is the epi-centre of jihad in Indiarediff.com’s Vicky Nanjappa reports from Hyderabad on how the city has become a breeding ground for jihadis.

A couple of days ago, captured Lashkar-e-Tayiba  operative T Naseer reportedly told his Kerala police interrogators that Hyderabad is the Pakistani-based terrorist outfit’s Indian headquarters.

Information provided by the security agencies reveal that Hyderabad has the most number of alleged terror operatives who have gone missing or are currently believed to be resident in Pakistan.

Walking through the streets of Hyderabad’s old city, one does get the feeling of alienation amongst its youth. Old timers in the area say many of them have not come to terms with the fact that the city was liberated from the Nizam in September 1948 and handed over to the Indian government. They speak about how prosperous the city was under the Nizam and allege how after the liberation thousands of Muslims have been killed.

Maulana Nasirrudin, a Muslim cleric who has just been acquitted of charges under the Terrorist and Disruptive (Prevention) Activities Act, says that many residents have not forgotten the lives lost when the city was liberated nearly 62 years ago. He claims there have been several police atrocities against Muslims since as a result of which some have gone to Pakistan in a bid to take revenge.

“This is not the right approach. We need to stay and fight the government and demand our rights,” the maulana points out.

Mohammed Shahid Bilal, the alleged mastermind in the August 2007 twin blasts in the city and the Mecca Masjid blasts in May that year, who is said to have been killed in an encounter in Pakistan, continues to remain a hero in the area where he lived.

A youth from his area, who preferred not to be identified for this report, says, “Saab jab tak Bilal tha, paani or current ka problem nahin tha. (When Bilal was alive, we did not have water or power problems).”

“He was framed by the police since he stood up to a RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) leader,” alleges the young man. “The RSS leader wanted to instal a Ganapati  pandal on wakf land and Bilal opposed this. After this they started fixing him in murder cases and later terrorism charges. He went to Pakistan to take revenge on the Indian establishment and has not returned since.”

The Hyderabad police dismiss this allegation. City police officers say many young men are influenced by Lashkar propaganda. “We have evidence to prove that these men owe allegiance to the Lashkar. In 2002 the Lashkar decided to get aggressive. In October 2002, 14 men were sent to Pakistan for training. Various reasons like the liberation of Hyderabad, the demolition of the Babri Masjid were given to brainwash these men,” the police sources say.

These men, the police sources claim, established sleeper cells in the city. In 2007, when the Lashkar gave a call for jihad, the likes of Bilal and Rehman Khan became full-fledged terror operatives. They were among the 14 men who had been sent to Pakistan and told to set up Lashkar networks in the city.

Intelligence Bureau agents believe Rehman Khan changed the thinking of many Muslim young men in Hyderabad and ensured that several Hyderabadi youth traveled to Pakistan to pursue jihad.

Hyderabad police sources say the first batch of 14 men executed several terror attacks including the assassination of former Gujarat home minister Haren Pandya, the May 2007 blast at the Mecca Masjid and the August 2007 twin blasts at Lumbini Park and Gokul Chaat.

“Muslims have always been blamed and sidelined,” says Riyaz, a resident of the city’s Moosrambagh area. “Today there is anger since many youth are being framed in terror-related cases. Why would a Muslim bomb a mosque and kill his own people? It was the blame for the Mecca Masjid blasts which angered us the most. I know it is stupid to join some organisation in Pakistan and fight the Indian government. But several youth have crossed the border to take revenge.”

Human rights activist Lateef Mohammad Khan, who is fighting for Muslim youth booked in cases of terrorism, believes it is a conspiracy against the community. “Is there anything wrong in raising your voice against injustice? If the youth raise their voice, then they are branded terrorists. Following the blasts in Hyderabad several youth were picked up. Thirty six youth were charged in these cases. As of today 30 have already been acquitted of all charges.”

Motasim Billa, who has been acquitted of terror charges, said during an earlier meeting: “I feel like laughing at what you guys write in the press. One day I am the commander of the HuJI (Harkat-ul-Jamaat-e-Islami) and the next day I am the chief of Lashkar’s southern operations. Here I am standing in front of you. Do I look like a terrorist? It is all a conspiracy.”

While the 2007 bomb blast cases and the charges that followed angered several Muslim youth, Maulana Nasiruddin’s arrest was a turning point. When the maulana was arrested for provocative speeches in the aftermath of the 2002 Gujarat violence, there was a protest outside the police headquarters. A young man named Mujahid was shot by the police.

IB agents claim this incident led to Nasiruddin’s son Riazzuddin Nasir, a friend of Mujahid, to take up arms. He was recruited by Lashkar agents and sent to train in Pakistan. Before he could carry out attacks, Nasir was arrested by the Karnatakapolice. He is currently in a Gujarat jail facing charges for the July 2008 Ahmedabad  bombings. The maulana’s other two sons, Yasir and Jabir, are in an Indore jail facing terrorism charges.

The Lashkar, the IB sources say, has planned to set up a terror network in Hyderabad since 2000 when its founders Mohammad Saeed and Abdul Rehman Makki declared at a rally in Pakistan that the time had come to liberate Hyderabad from Hindu rule and restore the rule of the Nizam.

IB sources say the Lashkar first sent a man named Ishtiaq with an Indian passport. He married a local resident and tried setting up a network, but was picked up by the police.

Azam Ghauri then took over; he was accused of involvement in the March 12, 1993 Mumbai  serial blasts. IB sources say Ghauri set up a network comprising nearly 70 men before he was killed in a police encounter.

Abdul Aziz, who had done jihadi service in Bosnia, was Lashkar’s next choice for leader. With the help of the city’s criminals he roped in the likes of Bilal and Rehman Khan.

A large part of Hyderabad’s old city remains underdeveloped. Many of its winding lanes are havens for petty crime, pervasive unemployment and poverty. The promoters of jihad find willing recruits from these lanes. Controversial clerics aid their cause.

“We have seized material several times which say the time has come for a jihad to liberate Hyderabad and restore the rule of the Nizam,” police sources say. IB sources believe the Lashkar has its strongest network in the old city.

During a meeting of America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation agents and Indian security officials it emerged that 21 terrorists operating in Pakistan, including Abu Jundal, have Hyderabad origins. Hyderabad, the IB sources say, has surpassed Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh  and Kerala as a breeding ground for Indian terrorists.

Hyderabad police sources believe Lashkar recruiters, foot soldiers and planners operate in the city. “We have intelligence that in the years to come they will set up modules for fidayeen (suicide attackers),” the sources say. “We suspect that there are at least 10 dedicated Lashkar modules in the city. It is a cat and mouse game. Since the blasts of two years ago, we have neutralised at least four of them (modules), but they are constantly working and keep setting up more modules.”

BlackBerry Storm2 comes to India

Bangalore: Research In Motion has announced the launch of BlackBerry Storm2 smartphone with BlackBerry OS 5 in India. The BlackBerry Storm2 smartphone significantly improves the BlackBerry touch-screen platform with enhanced technology and new features that allow customers to stay connected to the people, places and things that matter most. It has capacitive touch-screen with integrated functions (Send, End, Menu, Escape) and new SurePress technology that makes clicking the display effortless.

The BlackBerry Storm2 smartphone introduces a new SurePress technology based on an electronic system that provides the user with tactile feedback when the touch-screen is pressed. The new system responds equally to gentle pressure applied anywhere on the surface of the screen and makes clicking the display practically effortless. Typing on the smartphone’s virtual keyboards is easier, more comfortable and more accurate. The new SurePress technology also allows the user to type a letter with one thumb even while their other thumb may still be touching or resting on another letter, enabling faster typing and multi-key actions such as Shift or Alt -key combinations.

“Powered with the latest SurePress technology and BlackBerry OS 5, the new BlackBerry Storm2 offers customers a powerful and unique mix of advanced communications and multimedia features in a smoothly designed smartphone that will appeal to both consumers and business professionals,” said Frenny Bawa, Managing Director, India, Research In Motion.

Storm2 has large 3.25″ screen and high resolution 360 x 480 display at 184 ppi. Its global connectivity support: UMTS/HSPA (2100Mhz), quad-band EDGE/GPRS/GSM and Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g) networks. The phone also has 3.2 MP camera with variable zoom, autofocus, flash and video recording. In terms of memory, it has 256 MB of Flash memory, 2 GB of onboard memory storage and a microSD/SDHD memory card slot that supports up to 16 GB cards today and is expected to support 32 GB cards when available.

The phone has various features like background noise suppression technology, loud distortion-free speakerphone and face detection (proximity sensor) that prevents accidental clicks and blanks the screen while the user is on the phone. For entertainment, the phone has Media player for videos, pictures and music, plus BlackBerry Desktop Manager for both PCs and Macs, and BlackBerry Media Sync for easily syncing iTunes and Windows Media Player music with the smartphone, along with a 3.5 mm stereo headset jack and dedicated volume controls.
The phone provides a built-in GPS for maps and other location-based applications, as well as photo geo-tagging. Users also have access to BlackBerry App World, featuring a broad and growing catalog of mobile applications developed specifically for BlackBerry smartphones. Categories include games, entertainment, IM and social networking, news, weather, productivity and more. Applications developed for the original BlackBerry Storm are fully compatible with the BlackBerry Storm2. The ohone has rechargeable 1400 mAhr battery that provides approximately 6 hours of talk time on 3G networks and 280 hours of standby time.

BlackBerry Storm2 is powered by operating system 5 which is more responsive experience and includes usability and visual enhancements such as inertial scrolling, spin boxes that make it easier to set dates and times, gradient shading on buttons and more use of animation. On this OS, typing accuracy and selection have been significantly refined. The BlackBerry Browser is improved with faster JavaScript and CSS processing as well as support for Gears and BlackBerry Widgets.

For official use, it has BlackBerry Internet Service and BlackBerry Enterprise Server support. Customers running BlackBerry Enterprise Server 5 will gain the ability to set follow-up Flags on the handset like they can in Microsoft Office Outlook. User can also manage Microsoft Exchange email folders (Add, Rename, Move, Delete) on the handset and access remote files shares (Windows Shares); Save, View, Edit, and Email documents from remote file shares. Plus, its supports wireless sync improvements for contacts, including sync for multiple contact folders, personal Distribution Lists and contacts in Public/Shared folders.
The BlackBerry Storm2 will be available in the Indian market for Rs. 31,990.

Dr. Abdul Kalam on the silver-screen

For the first time ever ‘The Missile Man of India’ will be appearing on the big screen. Former president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam will be acting as himself soon in a Bollywood film. The movie is titled as ‘I Am Kalam’ and will have the genius doing a cameo role.


This Madhav Panda directorial is part of Indo-French alliance with contribution from UNICEF.

Sources say that the film is about a young boy’s dream who gets inspired by watching a speech given by Abdul Kalam.

After hearing the story of ‘I Am Kalam’, the Ex- Prez had accepted to do the role with great pleasure but, by one condition- No fee for his input!

Dr. Kalam is a powerful inspiration to everyone under the sun. Wish we make the best use of the words of his brain.

Indians Duped In Malaysia By Job Agents

Kuala Lumpur, March 22 — About 150 people from India have been stranded in Malaysia following being duped the agent providing them jobs. The job agents got these Indians into Malaysia and they allegedly fled with their documents and money.
job agents
Indian High Commission official said on Monday in Kuala Lumpur, to the reporters, “Thirty nine Indians came to us to seek help, we immediately arranged for a shelter for them.”

According to the local daily, most of the Indians being stranded are from Maharashtra and Bihar.

Official said the people came there on a tourist visa and they were promised jobs.

Official added, “At least 150 are waiting in India to fly into the country here, we have alerted the officials to check their visas… The agent did not bring them here on a work visa. It is also the fault of these gullible men who give large sums of money in India to ruthless so called recruitment agents without checking their visas.”

Every year thousands of skilled and semi-skilled Indians come to Malaysia dreaming of big money that are promised by job agents.

Each year there are several cases in which the workers are abused by their employers or it is a non payment of salaries. The men wants to go back home but they are unable as their passports are kept by the employers.

Kareena Advertising Stirs Pakistanis

Islamabad, March 21 – Madhuri Dixit was once a household name among Pakistanis. The chant is still remembered at the cricket stadium: “Madhuri do, Kashmir lo (India, give us Madhuri Dixit and take Kashmir).” Now this time Kareena Kapoor has stirred Pakistanis though in a controversial way.
Advertising on a billboard featuring the Bollywood actress triggered a small controversy over people in Pakistan. The advertising was of Firdous Cloth Mills, using Kareena’s pictures to advertise a recently launched line of summer suits.

The picture triggered a mild storm among bloggers. Many people have already written for and against the use of Indian model or actors for Pakistani advertising.

“If Pakistani companies are hiring Indian models, it’s good for peace between the two countries — so have a big heart and develop a habit to accept good changes,” wrote Saira Hamza on the Fashion Iconz blog.

Several comments were against the display of Indian actors on Pakistani billboards.

“Pakistani models are far better than Indian models… why should we display Indians???” wrote Sarah. “This Indian fever is so really childish. We should support our own talent.”

Fashion Iconz said Firdous had also approached several other Indian actresses, such as Dia Mirza and Ria Sen, to exhibit its summer collection for 2010.

Aamir Khan, a Karachi resident, welcomed Firdous’s move. “My wife was quite amazed to see Kareena Kapoor on the billboard, and so was I,” he said.

“My wife wants to buy one or two lawn prints of this company after seeing the advertisement.”

“I think this is a good change to display Indian actresses. It really looks refreshing,” said Umair Ali, a Class XII student of a college in Karachi.

For some reason, Firdous Mill’s website was unavailable on the Internet.

Major Fire Breaks At Kolkata – Stephen Court Building

Kolkata, March 23, Massive fire breaks in the heart of kolkata Tuesday afternoon in a multi-storey Stephen Court Building in Park Street. Many has been trapped inside the building. The injured has been rushed to SSK hospital. 30 fire tenders rushed to the building
Major Fire Breaks At Stephen Court Building In Kolkata
The Stephen Court Building is very near to Park Hotel. Music World and Flury’s confectionary is on the ground floor of the building.

People are trapped in the 5th and 6th floor of the building.

Update: CNN-IBN reports two persons died. Times Now reports six people critically injured.
fire in kolkata building

India Became First Country To Have Cruise Maneuverable Missile

Bhubaneshwar, March 21 — India successfully test-fired the BrahMos supersonic anti-ship cruise missile from a warship in the Bay of Bengal off coast of Orissa on Sunday and became the first country to have a ‘maneuverable’ missile for cuise.
India Became First Country To Have Cruise Maneuverable Missile
A Sivathanu Pillai, chief of BrahMos aerospace, said: “The vertical-launch version of missile was launched at 1130 hours today from Indian Navy ship INS Ranvir and it maneuvered successfully hitting the target ship. It was a perfect hit and a perfect mission.”

He also added, “After today’s test, India has become the first and only country in the world to have a “maneuverable supersonic cruise missile in its inventory.”

President Pratibha Patil and Defence Minister A K Antony, in a separate message, congratulated the BrahMos scientists for the successful test-launch and congratulated the navy too.

According to Pillai, the software of the new anti-ship cruise missile was improved and the Sunday’s test from Orissa coast proved its capability of maneuverability at supersonic speeds.

BrahMos officials said, “During the test, the missile hit a free-floating ship piercing it above the waterline and destroying it completely.”

Sunday’s test-firing of the missile was a part of the pre-induction tests as moves by the Navy are afoot to deploy the vertical-launch version of the missile in ships.

Indo-Russian joint venture company designed and developed this weapon system.

Major fire engulfs Kolkata building; many trapped

Many people were feared trapped in a major fire that engulfed a 100-year-old building in Kolkata on Tuesday.

Massive flames leapt off several floors of the Stephen Court building on Park Street even as fire fighters tried to control the situation. The building is located opposite the one housing Flurys, the city’s iconic confectionery.

Pratim Chatterjee, Bengal’s Minister for Fire and Emergency Services, told Headlines Today that 40 fire tenders had been deployed. He refuted claims that there was a delay in starting rescue operations.

The fire appeared to have spread to several floors of the building. Heavy smoke was seen billowing out of the windows.

Fire fighters were using ladders to climb the building. A man trying to escape by scaling down the building’s façade was seen losing balance and falling to the ground.

Major Fire Breaks At Stephen Court Building In Kolkata

Kolkata, March 23, Massive fire breaks in the heart of kolkata Tuesday afternoon in a multi-storey Stephen Court Building in Park Street. Many has been trapped inside the building. The injured has been rushed to SSK hospital. 30 fire tenders rushed to the building
Major Fire Breaks At Stephen Court Building In Kolkata
The Stephen Court Building is very near to Park Hotel. Music World and Flury’s confectionary is on the ground floor of the building.

People are trapped in the 5th and 6th floor of the building.

Major Fire in Park Street, Kolkata, More Then 100 Trapped

Today on Tuesday, in the building – Music World – situated in the Park Street area of Kolkata, a huge fire broke out taken place. Two People has died and more than 100 people are caught by fire inside the building till now. More than 30 fire brigades are there to rescue people in the building.

At first the fire taken place east section of the building of Stephen Court’s 2nd floor and after that it spread to other parts quickly.

Several people are caught up by fire inside the building and save operations are in full swing there.

Park Street area is a well-known trading center of the West Bengal’s heart Kolkata.