Indians Duped In Malaysia By Job Agents

Kuala Lumpur, March 22 — About 150 people from India have been stranded in Malaysia following being duped the agent providing them jobs. The job agents got these Indians into Malaysia and they allegedly fled with their documents and money.
job agents
Indian High Commission official said on Monday in Kuala Lumpur, to the reporters, “Thirty nine Indians came to us to seek help, we immediately arranged for a shelter for them.”

According to the local daily, most of the Indians being stranded are from Maharashtra and Bihar.

Official said the people came there on a tourist visa and they were promised jobs.

Official added, “At least 150 are waiting in India to fly into the country here, we have alerted the officials to check their visas… The agent did not bring them here on a work visa. It is also the fault of these gullible men who give large sums of money in India to ruthless so called recruitment agents without checking their visas.”

Every year thousands of skilled and semi-skilled Indians come to Malaysia dreaming of big money that are promised by job agents.

Each year there are several cases in which the workers are abused by their employers or it is a non payment of salaries. The men wants to go back home but they are unable as their passports are kept by the employers.


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