‘I know who planted the bomb on Kingfisher flight’

A mysterious caller has been nagging the harried airport police and claiming to have information of the people who planted a crude bomb in the Kingfisher aircraft on Sunday.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (north east) Basavraj Malagatti received a phone call from a Mohan from Mumbai. He claimed that he has filmed the people who had kept explosives in the aircraft.
Malagatii said that the caller informed him that he has converted the recording into a CD and would give it to him if he gets suitably rewarded.
“I got the call at 7.15 pm on my landline number. The caller refused to divulge his complete identity and his phone number.
When I assured him that he’ll be rewarded if he gives me the CD and his phone number, he said he’ll contact me soon and took my mobile phone numbers,” Malagatti said.
Malagatti added that the caller said he would give his bank account number for depositing the money as he would need it to fly his associate down to Bangalore with the CD.
“I assured him that I’d give him two and fro charges along with the cash reward if I get the CD and asked him to send his associate. However, he didn’t reply to it and disconnected the call,” said Malagatti.
“I’ve asked my officers to track the number as I think he’s a prankster. However, we cannot rule out any possible leads.”
Meanwhile, the Kerala police have picked up a few people in Thiruvananthapuram, including a ground staff member of Kingfisher airlines.
They have also detained a scrap dealer and an explosives licence holder in connection with the case.
Also, on a tip-off from the Kerala police, the Bangalore airport police have detained three people who were travelling from Kerala to Dubai via Bangalore. They are presently being interrogated.

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