World Water Day 2010 On March 22nd

22nd March is celebrated as the International World Water Day. This day marks the significance of fresh water and it also promotes the management of the fresh water sources.
The world water day spreads awareness for maintaining a healthy ecosystem by maintaining the water resources and maintaining the quality of fresh water. It also encourages all communities, government organizations, and people across the globe to take part in preventing water pollution and to clean up the water resources to maintain the quality of fresh water.
The quality of water is deteriorated day by day due to the release of chemicals from factories and also due to the increase of population and industries.
The maintenance of proper human health is widely dependent on fresh water. A single person needs about 50 litres of fresh water a day for drinking, sanitation, cooking and taking bath. Some developing countries lack proper sewage maintenance which leads to fresh drinking water contamination which spreads diseases.
As per the World Health Organization (WHO) reports, more than 4 billion people suffer from diarrhea every year along with other ailments due to contaminated water.
Fresh water resources should be protected by collective initiative by each one of us. Both public and private sectors should take necessary steps to protect the water from being contaminated. All of us should take active participation in preventing water pollution for maintaining a healthy society.