Intel to reduce boot time to two seconds

┬áIntel Corporation, the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker, is working on reducing the boot time in personal computers to a mere two seconds, its top official said.

“Taking into account the oft-repeated complaints by PC users of longer response time (in switching on and shutting of), we are working on reducing the boot time to as low as two seconds,” Ajay Bhatt, Intel Fellow and Chief Client Platform Architecture Group told reporters here on Friday.

The other important product Intel is working on is wireless power. Fundamental technology for this is already available.

“What we working on now is productisation which will take some time, may 5 to 10 years or even more given the regulatory, distance and functionality issues involved,” he said.

Detailing the future trends in mobile computing which has witnessed a lot of advancement, Bhatt said mobile computing in future will move from an era of personal computing to an era of many devices per person.

“The way we use personal computers, has also been evolving. We are moving more towards internet-driven users, social networking, user generated content, information and media and entertainment,” he said.