Change of number plates from AP to Telangana clashes with GO making security plates must

All the vehicles in Telangana which were registered with ‘AP code’ in Undivided AP, will now have to register afresh with ‘TS code’.


The Telangana government on Thursday issued a notification for reassignment of registration numbers of vehicles from AP to TS.

Only the State code from AP to TS and the district code (2-digit number) will change. After district code, the second series of two alphabets and the last set of four numerical will continue to remain the same. Four months time has been given for vehicle owners to make these changes.

Transport Department will soon come up with a online facility in which it will  host the old number and the new number on its website ‘’. The number will have a new State code of TS and the district code which will be in numerals.

The vehicle owner can access the facility using the engine/chassis number as the password and take a printout, which will then be the proof of the changed number and get the new number plate.

However, if the owner wants to get a new smart registration  card, he would have to pay a nominal price. The transport department will soon issue guidelines on all these issues to give clarity for vehicle owners seeking registration change.

There are an estimated 82 lakh vehicle owners  in Telangana, including 16 lakh in Hyderabad, who have to change the registration plates from AP to TS.

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